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29 Nov
Mediation Matters
Writing About Mediation Matters – Your College Needs You
Category: Articles, Latest News, News
Writing About Mediation Matters – Your College Needs You. Originally published in COM Digest in 2017 and updated in NOV 2023. This article raises questions as to why relatively few...
17 Nov
Cycles of Influence
Category: Articles, Latest News, News
In the beginning was . . . the word Cycles of Influence: A historical analysis of some seminal influences on the evolutionary development of mediation principles, values and practi...
17 Nov
Mediation: Screening for Safe Practice
Category: Articles, Latest News, News
Published in Family Law June 2018, Volume 48, pages 1021 -1162). See also Family Mediation: Contemporary Issues. Marian Roberts and Maria Moscati. Chapter 16 Domestic abuse and fam...
17 Nov
Image of someone reading books with a cup of coffee on a blanket.
Practicing What We Preach Matters
Category: Articles, Latest News, News
‘Practicing What We Preach Matters’ `To what extent do we as mediators apply the expertise of our professional craft to managing conflict in our daily lives?` Published in College ...
08 Sep
College of Mediators
College is looking for PSC Members
Category: Articles, Jobs, Latest News
Have an interest in ensuring the best possible standards for mediators? Want to have active input in the creation of the rules and regulations to which you and your colleagues must...
04 Sep
a A4 sheet of paper with a report and pie charts, on a desk with a laptop.
Shedding Light on the Research
Category: Articles, Latest News, News
Introduction Fresh insights have emerged from the collaboration between ACAS and East Lancashire East Hospitals NHS Trust, offering a profound understanding of mediation and resolu...
04 Sep
People sitting around a desk in an office with their laptops.
Navigating Toxic Workplaces: The Power of Workplace Mediation
Category: Articles, Latest News, News
Introduction In today’s fast-paced and interconnected work environments, fostering a healthy and productive workplace culture is crucial for the success of any organisation. ...
22 Aug
Books on a shelf possibly in a library.
It really hurts when you’re wrong
Category: Articles, Latest News
Why do sensible people lose the ability to act rationally when they are in conflict? What makes some families tear themselves apart in petty squabbles so that family members don’t ...
22 Aug
stock of coloured books
Musings of a Modest Mediator
Category: Articles, Latest News
Last year I completed my one hundreth mediation (it’s 112 to date, at 80% settlement rate).  Now, a century may not be a huge number compared with those QCs who do nothing else, bu...
21 Aug
Books on a tidy shelf in what looks like an office.
What is the dispute really about?
Category: Articles, Latest News
When for some years I headed up a team of forensic accountants in my old national firm, as a matter of policy I always recruited people who were brighter than me.  They kept me on ...
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