24 May
CMC and CoM Response to SEND Mediator Standards Consultation
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The Civil Mediation Council (CMC) and the College of Mediators (CoM), supported by the Department for Education DfE), conducted a joint consultation on proposals for reforming the ...
10 May
College Conference 2nd July 2024
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08 May
Become a COM Approved Training Body
College Seeking New Directors
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Message from the Chair: Thank you for your interest in becoming a director of the College of Mediators. The detailed job and person description can be accessed here. We are particu...
20 Jan
Family Mediation Week Events
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Family Mediation Week Workshops Happy New Year. We hope your 2024 is a great one. Below are the details for the up and coming Family Mediation Week workshops and joining details. 1...
13 Dec
Musings of a Modest Mediator
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Last year I completed my one hundreth mediation (it’s 112 to date, at 80% settlement rate).  Now, a century may not be a huge number compared with those QCs who do nothing else, bu...
07 Dec
SEND Reforms
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The College has been involved in ongoing consultation with the DfE over the role of mediation in their planned SEND Reforms. Strengthening the mediation process has been the centra...
29 Nov
Mediation Matters
Writing About Mediation Matters – Your College Needs You
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Writing About Mediation Matters – Your College Needs You. Originally published in COM Digest in 2017 and updated in NOV 2023. This article raises questions as to why relatively few...
17 Nov
Cycles of Influence
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In the beginning was . . . the word Cycles of Influence: A historical analysis of some seminal influences on the evolutionary development of mediation principles, values and practi...
17 Nov
Mediation: Screening for Safe Practice
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Published in Family Law June 2018, Volume 48, pages 1021 -1162). See also Family Mediation: Contemporary Issues. Marian Roberts and Maria Moscati. Chapter 16 Domestic abuse and fam...