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08 Sep
College of Mediators
College is looking for PSC Members
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Have an interest in ensuring the best possible standards for mediators? Want to have active input in the creation of the rules and regulations to which you and your colleagues must...
04 Sep
a A4 sheet of paper with a report and pie charts, on a desk with a laptop.
Shedding Light on the Research
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Introduction Fresh insights have emerged from the collaboration between ACAS and East Lancashire East Hospitals NHS Trust, offering a profound understanding of mediation and resolu...
04 Sep
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Navigating Toxic Workplaces: The Power of Workplace Mediation
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Introduction In today’s fast-paced and interconnected work environments, fostering a healthy and productive workplace culture is crucial for the success of any organisation. ...
01 Sep
Two people from the dispute resolution agency talking
The DRA (Dispute Resolution Agency)
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Will Chalmers, CEO  explains the help DRA can offer. The DRA exists to help you build your business, raise your profile, and increase work opportunities. The DRA has monthly events...
25 Aug
College Of Mediators
Conflict coaching workshop by Change Maker LLP
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Workshop Overview What to Expect: This is an interactive workshop that will give participants the tools to enable them to help support individuals who are experiencing conflict. Wh...
22 Aug
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It really hurts when you’re wrong
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Why do sensible people lose the ability to act rationally when they are in conflict? What makes some families tear themselves apart in petty squabbles so that family members don’t ...
22 Aug
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Musings of a Modest Mediator
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Last year I completed my one hundreth mediation (it’s 112 to date, at 80% settlement rate).  Now, a century may not be a huge number compared with those QCs who do nothing else, bu...
21 Aug
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What is the dispute really about?
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When for some years I headed up a team of forensic accountants in my old national firm, as a matter of policy I always recruited people who were brighter than me.  They kept me on ...
20 Aug
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Creative mediation
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Mediation is now so well known that any competent lawyer can rattle off the advantages: quick, cheap, confidential, without prejudice, reduced risk of adverse costs, the parties ar...
19 Aug
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Family inheritance mediation
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I want to talk today about a particularly difficult problem which mediators are asked to address, namely disputes over family inheritance.  The reason they are so difficult is that...